Create Geometry in AEDT via gds File Import

Convert a gds File via MCAD or ECAD to Create Geometry

The method Modeler >> Import uses MCAD to convert a gds file to Parasolid CAD and sometimes this method is not successful for various reasons when the gds file was created from an external tool. It is wonderful when this method works but if it does not then use the other method below.

The method File >> Import uses ECAD to convert a gds file to use geometry in 3D layout, and from 3D layout the geometry can be exported into HFSS design which can be used to create a step file to use in Maxwell. Ansys recommends to use this method when the other method does not work.

Complete the following steps to create HFSS geometry from 3D layout:

  1. In 3D layout add a HFSS solution setup


  2. Select Export >> HFSS Model

  3. You can copy the geometry created in HFSS and paste this geometry into Maxwell or export this as a step file to use in Maxwell.


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