Frequency dependent material properties

  • In material properties, you can set frequency dependent material properties as highlighted.
  • There are multiple options for frequency dependent material setup

Option 1: Piecewise linear input

  • Enter the values in the pop-up window for the following parameters
    • Frequency Range
    • Relative Permitivity
    • Relative Permeability
    • Dielectric loss tangent
    • Magnetic loss tangent
  • Click OK after finish

  • Then, the pwl function will be automatically entered in the material properties

Option 2: Enter Frequency Dependent Data Points

  • Click Edit to enter the data points and give the dataset a name.
  • Alternative method to create the project dataset is
    • Go to Project à dataset and create a new dataset
  • Click OK after done.
  • Using ‘$’ prefix to indicate the data to be a project dataset

  • The pwl function will be automatically created in the material properties.
  • If you create a project dataset using the alternative method, you can type the pwl function in the following format
  • Pwl($dataset, Freq)