Com Engine non-responsive – Can be due to CPU intensive processing or network problems …

If the firewall is the issue, try the following:

In Window Defender Firewall:

  1. Allow Flexera: both private and public
  2. Allow all ANSYS applications: both private and public
  3. Allow server: ansysli_server, ansysli_monitor, ansyslmd, lmgrd
  4. Create an exception for ‘C:\Program Files\AnsysEM’ directory

If firewall is not the issue, try the methods below:

Method 1

  1. First close the project, clear the temp. files, restart the computer to clear out RAM.
  2. Now again try to run the simulation.

Method 2

  1. Go to Tools>Options>HPC and analysis options>edit>make RAM usage limit 90%
  2. Now save the changes and again run the simulation.

Method 3

  1. Go to location where your design is saved. Find "design_name.aedt" file. If you can find a folder named "design_name.aedtresults" then delete it. This folder contains results of previous simulations you did on the design.
  2. Try again to simulate.

Method 4

  1. Reduce the number of passes to 6. Your result may not converge at this setting but try it out if the simulation runs or not. If it runs, then there might be a problem in configuration of your machine as it can't allow heavy computation based on your RAM size. Then you'd have to use another machine for your work.