How to Borrow a license from the server machine

How to borrow a license

1.) While connected to your mobile workstation, please make sure you are connected to the same network as your server machine. To do this, you can either connect to the same wifi as the server machine, or you can use some kind of direct connection, whichever you prefer. To verify that you are on the same network and can communicate with the server machine properly, you can open the command prompt and use the “ping” command. The syntax should be ping IP_Server.
2.) Once you are connected to the network, please open your Client License Settings on your mobile workstation. From here go to “Borrow” on the lefthand side. Here, you should be able to see all the available increments available to borrow in addition to which ones have already been borrowed. Please note that in my screenshot below, I do not have any borrowable increments, however, you should see a list of available increments on your machine.
3.)  Once the increments you would like to borrow are selected, click “Borrow” at the bottom and those increments should be transferred to your machine. To test this, you can make sure everything is closed on your mobile workstation, then turn off the wifi (or disconnect the direct connection to your network). Once disconnected, you can try to open Ansys again. Since you are no longer connected to any network, if you are able to successfully open the software, this will confirm you have successfully borrowed your license.